Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vegetarian Sausage part 2

So I get on the bus, and of COURSE there are only aisle seats open because we didn't get to board earlier like we were supposed to because they combined buses or something. There was this really tall guy sitting in a seat near the front, who was dressed in black and listening to music so I think to myself "Oh, good, he won't talk to me, I'll sit with him!" So I do. And we're good for about two hours. I listen to music on my phone, I crochet a bit, I even got a few lines in in my Scribblebook. But then he had to go to the bathroom so I let the dude out and then he comes back. Around then I realized that my phone was a little low on battery, which meant that I needed to stop listening to music. And it turns out that Black Hoodie Boy was talkative.

To Black Hoodie Dude:

You are an idiot. First of all, do not open a conversation and then immediately delve into every tragedy and mishap you've had in your short 17 years on Earth. Yes, its sad that your family is all split up. Don't tell me about how you used to be teased at school so you dropped out. Secondly, when someone looks away (like out the window) and goes "oh, uh-huh. Cool. Right." that means that they don't want to talk about how your mom and stepdad raise smelly German Shepherds. Or about every dog you've liked that's died in some terrible, gruesome way. Thirdly, when you ask someone if they like to read and say you like to read too, do not explain EVERY detail about a book you like, including the ending. Especially if I said that I was interested in reading it. Fourthly and finally, dropping out of school makes you an idiot. The way you talked and didn't know what "naive" meant showed me that you are quite the sycophantic dipshit. I pity the father you never got to know and are now living with. Maybe he'll teach you how to be a tad more on the manly, intelligent side.

So then I got into the station and went outside. It was snowing. Chicago cabbies are nice, and thankfully I was talking with one who glared at the one who tried to approach me to sell me a fake broken gold ring. Thank you, Cabbie Man. He turned to me after that and said "you cannot talk to people like that, they are not right."

Thank you also to the guy who overheard me talking to Liz while she was lost and helped us find the right streets to turn on.

After all of that, we went to Liz's house. :D The next morning I was officially introduced to the Vegetarian Life. Liz has been a Vegetarian for the past eight months or so, and so we had vegetarian sausage (hence the title) and I had mini pancakes :D

The Vegetarian thing actually only lasted three days for me because I ate turkey.

Anyway, we rang in the New Year (an hour later than everyone else I knew because of the time difference) with awesome people, went to a Pocky store, and went to the Museum of Science and Industry.

Can I just say, that the first Bring It On was okay, but all these sequels are just...ridiculous.

Also, shoutout to my sister, Lipstick and Laundry. She's different from me but equally awesome, so check her out. And I love/am jealous of her layout, it's so funky and cool!


    Dear Black Hoodie Dude,
    I know you had a crush on my sister and THAT'S why you were talking to her. Thanks for not taking advantage of her and ruining her first bus experience. Sorry about your dogs you lil' weirdo. : )

    Thanks for the shoutout .... although now I need to go write a new blog that shows my awesomeness so people will want to scroll down and read more than just about my procrastination and messy house. *Sigh*

    I made the Laundry & Lipstick banner on my scrapbook software and linked up the background ... ya want one? : )

  2. yeah I know I totally screwed up my own name. Dammit. LIPSTICK & LAUNDRY. Hey. It's practically 4am and I've been up for two hours. Whatev.

  3. Yesyesyesyesyes I want one!!