Thursday, January 7, 2010



I've been up since almost 1pm yesterday. For some weird reason, I have broken out in hives for the first time in nearly nine years. My room is ice cold, which has started me on a cold, I think. It could just be a side effect from the hives.

So I used to be this total night owl chick who would stay up all night and sleep all day, until I was actually up one morning and realized that I LIKE mornings. I am, surprisingly, a morning person. So the past two weeks or so have been awesome because I've been going to bed early (which did not harm my social networking/generally social life as much as I thought it would) and getting up early enough to enjoy the day. Until tonight.

That trip I went on to Liz's? She stays up until 3am, and sleeps 'till 11am. I would go to bed early all the time. Now, after I get home, and don't have the friend to talk to and stay up with until 3am, I stay up all night and into the morning. This is probably going to absolutely ruin my schedule.

Enough complaining, though. Look on the bright side!!! Or bright sides if there are more!! I can...well. I actually can't really come up with anything right now.

On a better note, completely not related to my weird hives/sleep rant, my sister is going to make me a layout thingymabobber!!!! WHOOOO!!!! I think. Is that what you meant, Amanda?


  1. Yes. That is what I meant :) I'm so awesome.

    Sent you a lil' thing on FB. I will jump on it whenever I hear back from ya! : )

  2. Ahhhhh!!! So this is my COUSIN Lissa! :) I saw the comment on my blog and had to click on the name to view the profile. I'm nosy! ;) Sorry I had you in tears but glad you enjoyed Ginny's story. :) She was very special to my family.