Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick Comment to CurlyFry

Hello!! I've just started reading your blog, and the past several posts of yours have not only inspired me, but keep making me go "oh my goodness, I feel the same way!!" I enjoy how optimistic you are and am glad you wrote on the subject. I'm not 21 yet, but I can't wait to go wine tasting with my friends all over the place, it sounds so much fun, and Under the Tuscan Sun is my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie. :D You also mentioned that you've talked to people who have already been through the GeoVisions program? Would you mind putting me in contact with them? I'd love to talk to them about the legitimacy of GeoVisions, because it seriously seems too good to be true (and also just to talk about it all!)!! :D

I would have posted this as a comment to your actual posts but I guess my computer doesn't want to because every time I click it it won't let me!!

Thank you for writing and God bless,

PS: To my (two) readers, CurlyFry is Brandi, you can see her here. Read her! Follow her! Take her wisdom into your own life!

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