Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Spirit and All That Stuff

Merry Day-After-Christmas!! Or, if you're Canadian, Happy Boxing Day!! (For those of you who don't know what Boxing Day is, it's Canada's version of America's Black Friday, when all the big sales are out and everything. Thank you, Zach, for informing me of that and also putting up with my teasing.) NOTE: I have just been further informed that Boxing Day is also in the UK. Thanks, Charlie :D

So a friend of mine texted a mass text (I think) yesterday, the usual "Merry Christmas" thing, but this one was a tad on the depressing, unenthusiastic side. And I know that for many people Christmas is depressing and lame but c'mon, dudes, feel happy!! At least for other people, if not for yourself.

For about two months or more now, a friend of mine (bestie/supertwin Liz) has been organizing some kind of get-together road trip for the Christmas holidays/New Years, and I have to say, she's done an excellent job and I cannot WAIT for this upcoming Tuesday because that is when it will all start!!

If I can get a decent-quality video or pictures of the upcoming Epic Lightsaber Battle that will commence, I will post them. And of course us girls (Liz, Meg, and myself) are having a make over night at Meg's house in VA like the 13 year-old girls we are inside still, and that should be awesome funtimes. I forgot what else I was going to blog about today, I'm too distracted by other people talking to me and studying for my permit test, so I will blog tomorrow (hopefully) with more deep, hard-hitting topics.

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  1. i want more, blog more. like now.

    'kay bye.

    hahaha, i can just hear you saying that now ;) miss you!