Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Russian Mafia Made Me Wear A Bow Tie Today

I love going through my grandparent's house. They've got stuff everywhere, in all the little drawers and nooks and crannies, and so much of it is just passed by every day.

So yeah, I rummage. My sister kept saying that I was so "nosy" but I kept replying that I'm just an explorer.

The baby boy is crying because he's tired--I kept trying to get him to go to sleep, but he just kept fighting it. Oh well. His head bothers me. You know how babies have a soft spot on the top of their heads? Well, if you didn't know that, they do. And it pulses.



Mainly when they're hungry or crying, but it's scary to suddenly look down and see this little baby's HEAD throbbing.

Lulz. I keep feeling like I'm writing about nothing. Sorry about that. Let's think of a good topic...

You know how you end something with someone? A relationship, a friendship, a something? And you feel bad about it, no matter how bitchy or slutty those people were to you?

And then you start seeing things that remind you of them. And you know that maybe not forever, but for a while, every time you see that thing, it will keep reminding you of them. And that bad, sick, sad feeling will eat at you until you distract yourself with something.

Like double chocolaty chip frappucinos from Starbucks. And ambulances. And "samson" by Regina Spektor. It's like the existence of these things are just...tainted.

I know that this just needs time to pass. I know that I'm not some downer; a depressed emo person. Does that mean I can't be that way once and a while?

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