Thursday, May 20, 2010

Draw Muhammad Day

So, this is regarding the Draw Muhammad Day thing. A friend of mine was talked into drawing a Powerpuff Girl version of Muhammad, and she stated that she's not going to post it. Then a few minutes later she said she felt bad. Aaron told her not to. This is the following conversation that took place via skype.

Me: Well, it is kinda bad. I mean, yeah there are extremists in that religion but it is a sacred law that they don't want any depictions of him. And that's a general rule. So...throwing that in their faces in that manner is accomplishing what?

Aaron: of telling them en masse to stfu and not impress their silly desires on the rest of the world

Me: That is such an ignorant statement. It's a religion. That's like every non-Christian plastering offensive pictures of Jesus and telling all the Christians that their beliefs are retarded.

Aaron: lots of people do do that

Me: That's an opinion, and the one thing this world needs is to stop being douches to other people just because they disagree.
Yeah, doesn't make it right.
I poke fun, I'm not perfect, but I don't go out of my way to fuck with everyone just because I don't agree with them.

Aaron: sure, many muslims need to stop being douches and stop threatening death, attacking, and killing people who draw muhamed

Me: Bullshit. There are always going to be large groups of extremists in every religion.
But I guaran-damn-tee you that there is at least ONE person who wouldn't hate and threaten death. And I will sure as fuck defend them, because it's worth it.

Aaron: there seem to be a rather large number of -violent- extreamists within Islam

Aaron: the ones who wont hate or threaten probably wont care much about all this

Me: No, they'll probably be deeply saddened.

Aaron: *shrugs* i dissagree

Me: Yeah, of course there isn't one Muslim who's hurt by all this. Who wishes love on those who persecute him/her.

Aaron: mmm yes, this is totally persicution

Me: In respect of that person and their beliefs, I'm standing against it. Yes, it is.
It's a slap in the face to that person.

Aaron: its more like a middle finger

Me: It's complete disrespect of them and their beliefs.

Aaron: disrespecting a religion is not persicuting it


Me: Here, educate yourself.

Liz: well it doesnt matter
because i'm not gonna post it or anything

Aaron: alright, i digress

Brandon: what are you all talking about?

Me: The draw Muhammad thing.

Liz: thanks tho

Brandon: draw muhammad thing?

Aaron: today is draw Muhammad day

Me: I'm not specifically targeting you, Patika. I'm talking about the group and what it stands for.

Brandon: ohh?

Brandon: i didnt know about this?

Me: Yeah. Well, in Islam it's disrespectful to draw Muhammad. Because a lot of people think that the extremists run the entire show, they're all drawing Muhhamad in varying disrespectful manners and posting it online.

Me: It's sad.

Doesn't anybody else feel like it's disrespectful? It's definitely hurtful. I know what that group states, but that doesn't make it right. I really do believe that there is at least one Muslim woman or man who does not threaten death or hatred on those who persecute her/him. Doesn't anyone care about them?


  1. As a Muslim, who doesn't send out death threats in case of persecution and has a peaceful attitude towards life, I would like to say that YES IT IS EXTREMELY HURTFUL when people poke fun at our religion. Religion, faith, God and the Prophet are very close to EVERY Muslim's heart and when they are ridiculed we ARE BOUND to get offended. Obviously, different people express their feelings in different ways. As you said there are extremists in every religion, and obviously so does Islam. Jews, Christians - everyone has had extremists in the past and some still have them. So to generalize the entire Muslim community as a bunch of douche-bags is more than just plain unfair.

    I'm really happy about the way you stood up for preserving the sanctity of religions in general and I would like to say thank you =)

  2. :D Words cannot express how grateful I am to see this. Thank you! :D :D :D

  3. Very nice post, being Muslims we are not allowed to make fun of other religions esp the Abraham religions as we Jesus, Moses and other pious messengers are equally respectable for us but it hurts to see when the followers of sacred personalities make fun of our messenger. Though Muslims being portrayed as terrorists yet majority of Muslims condemn religion extremism.

    I believe this is a great chance God has given us, we should cope up with draw Mohammad cartoon day issue with intelligence and tolerance rather shouting madly and breaking properties. Peaceful protests and individual boycotts of that particular FB page would have served purpose.

  4. Aaron seems really mean/unreasonable/pathetic.
    Thanks for sticking up for us. I ignored the whole stupid event, reported it on facebook a few times but thats it. You're right, about the extremists in every religion thing, but the way I see it, being an extremist is just that and nothing else. Extremist 'muslims' [or jews etc] are not really Muslims [or jews, christions etc]. They're just sad people who are seriously screwed up in the head and donot belong to any religion, whatsoever.