Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Of Lost and Pygmy Marmosets

It's freezing in front of me because the AC is on, even though I'm wearing a pink snuggie.

I got my sister's wireless internet to work!! That means regular blog posts!!!

So here we go!

A regular post!

Give me a minute to think!


I am aware that the show Lost is well and done, but some sane people in this world have not watched a single episode of it because we acknowledge that we have too many addictions as is, and do not need to heap that much more anxiety on our metaphorical plates.

Knowing the advantage to starting a series after it's all well and done is how quickly you can go through it, a few friends and I decided to pop our Lost cherries, and watch it on Hulu (the entire series of Lost is available on http://www.hulu.com until December 31st, 2010, so get on that, yo!).

We've decided to do four episodes a day, which means we should be done sometime at the end of next month. Funtimes!

Have you ever seen a pygmy marmoset? They're adorable. Look it up.


  1. I don't watch lost. OR any other tv shows. I'm a loser that way. Haha. And OMG pygmy marmosets are SOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!

  2. AREN'T THEY?!

    haha, yeah, we figured we'd just do it and see if we like it. Four episodes in and we do!

  3. Is Lost good? Like addictive good? My exams have finally ended and I'm making a to-watch list of t.v shows! :D Any suggestions? :)